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Campaign in Zurich: a series of posters where Europe kisses the feet of Netanyahu

In Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, was launched last week advertising campaign: at the main train station hung posters depicting the EU, which is subject to the dictates of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

These posters, the authors of the articles published on the website of the newspaper The Jerusalem Post, are sexual in nature.

Eleven posters, the EU is depicted as a woman in a white dress, who is on his knees in front of Netanyahu’s face and kisses his left foot. The text coming out of the mouth of the Israeli leader, says: «We’re breaking international laws, stealing of territory, expelling the local population and conducting a policy of apartheid. Our trump card – the guilty conscience of Europe».

The sponsor of this campaign was the organization for Palestinian Solidarity, which calls on the EU and Switzerland «to impose sanctions against Israel».
Politician Claudio Schmid, a member of the people’s party of Switzerland, believes the anti-Semitic campaign, as reported in his article published by the newspaper Tages-Anzeiger .

He was echoed by journalist Alex Feuerherdt, columnist in the network edition Audiatur Onlin which this symbolism finds «deeply anti-Semitic».

Campaign in Zurich: a series of posters where Europe kisses the feet of Netanyahu 07.12.2016

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