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Campaign samarskij Hasidim: don’t buy goods with inscriptions on «dirty Hebrew»

Samarskie Hasidim living in the United States, paid campaign on one of the Central stations of the country in which they urged not to buy goods made in Israel and especially in Judea and Samaria.

About it writes on Thursday, December 24 edition of the Rotter.

In the text, which is broadcast on the radio, explained that Americans should not purchase products with inscriptions in Hebrew is «the language of polluting the soul.» An informed source in the Jewish community of new York reported that the minute the campaign is costing the organisers of 3,000 dollars
Behavior samarskij Hasidim outraged religious Jewish community in the United States. In particular, Rabbi Shmuel Caftori from new York said yesterday in an interview with radio station «Kol be-Frame, he was extremely unpleasant to listen to the above text.

The Rabbi also said that summary also called the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu «a persecutor of the Jews» who are unworthy to represent them. «It’s typical for the sect way to denigrate Jews in the face of the goyim, referring to the American people. They distance themselves from the Israelis and the Zionists are within the requirements set forth in the books of rabbis Yoel and Moshe Teitelbaum, samarskij guru.

Brief synopsis:

Samarskie Hasidim, whose name is derived from the Romanian city of satu-Mare (Yiddish, satmar, and in Italian Santa Maria), in everyday life use the language of Yiddish, and not Hebrew. Samarskie Hasidim fiercest opponents of Zionism and the state of Israel, believing that the Jewish state should be established not by Zionists, but by the Messiah («Mashiach»). The largest community is samarskij Hasidim live in Williamsburg, one of Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Campaign samarskij Hasidim: don’t buy goods with inscriptions on «dirty Hebrew» 24.12.2015

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