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Car terrorist attack in London, there are victims

At least 10 people were injured in a car bombing in London, perpetrated in the night of Monday, June 19, near the mosque in Finsbury Park.

According to British media reports, the van ran into people coming out of mosques after prayers. Then the car jumped a man with a knife in his hand, wounding one person.

It is known that the police detained the suspect.

According to the TV channel Sky News in the van were three people. Two of them managed to escape.

Presumably, the van was rented in Wales.

Witnesses say the van driver is clearly deliberately crushed people.

Note that while many British media compared the incident with the attack on London bridge on 3 June, the UK authorities have not yet called the incident in Finsbury Park terrorist attack.

The Muslim Council of Britain said the incident was «an act of Islamophobia» and urged the authorities to strengthen security measures around mosques in the country.

Information is specified.

Recall that similar attack was carried out in London on the evening of 3 June. Then on London bridge, the car crashed into a group of pedestrians, then got out three terrorists, armed with knives that attacked people. The militants also attacked people at one of the restaurants on site food market Borough Market. In the attack eight people were killed and about 50 were injured. All the terrorists involved in the attack, was destroyed by police. The names of the terrorists: the 22-year-old Yusuf Zarb, 27-year-old Khurram butt chased and 30-year-old Rashid Redvan.

Car terrorist attack in London, there are victims 19.06.2017

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