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«Caring for loved ones.» Israeli doctors for Russian pensioners

Each of us are faced with a situation where parents or other relatives, living abroad in need of medical assistance: by phone, in the distance, we try to understand how serious the situation is, try to consult a doctor in Israel, but doctors are not always ready «in absentia» to give any recommendations.

Specially for the relatives of Russian-speaking Israelis living abroad, the Israeli clinic Call4Life («Calpoly») has developed a ticket that allows you to transfer care of their families, the Israeli doctors.

How to record your relatives from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan for the admission to the Israeli doctor? Where and how this reception will be held? Who will deliver the right medicine in Russia or Ukraine? To explain how the subscription Call4Life «family Care» and what kind of medical services can use it to get foreign patients, we asked the chief doctor Andrei Kukui.

A subscription to «family Care» – for whom he created? Who can buy?

This project was developed specifically to address the problems related to the medical care of the relatives of Russian-speaking Israelis, particularly older people. This pass includes people living abroad, the opportunity to systematically consult with your personal physician, the doctor-the curator, who will develop a treatment program, to send for examination at the place of residence to carry out an audit of the results obtained, to prescribe the necessary drugs, to monitor their condition. Consultations are held remotely through a developed and unique IT platform linking patients and physicians online around the world.

How can patients living abroad, to acquire Israeli drug?

Patients under the supervision of our doctors, get the drugs by the same recipes as citizens of Israel. Send medicines prescribed to the patient by the doctor Call4Life for three months or six months, can you relatives living in Israel. To send a parcel and we can, via EMS. The quality of the medications taken by the patient, as you know, is very important, but currently, in terms of import, Russian pharmacies can’t guarantee anything. We had a case when tests of a patient suffering from a chronic disease and regularly takes the same drug, suddenly showed a sharp deterioration in her condition. The doctor sent a woman for research to understand the cause of the deterioration. However, it turned out that the patient just bought her the necessary medication in another pharmacy and the drug purchased, was a fake. Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon. Sometimes the relatives of our patients even arrive in Israel, to buy medicine you can trust.

If the patient is a patient Call4Life, will be in the hospital – not in Israel, and the place of residence, for example in Samara or Khmelnytskyi, whether Israeli doctor to help him from afar?

Once in the hospital, the patient, sadly, is often in a situation which can be called «one against the system». He doesn’t always control the situation, do not always understand what and how it is treated, he had no one to consult, to discuss diagnosed. However, the season ticket holder «care of the family» to call his personal physician in Israel and to consult with him on these issues. Moreover, the doctor-the curator may communicate directly with the physician of his patient located in the hospital, and to hold a kind of consultation, which will help to avoid medical errors. The proverb «One head – good, two – better» is especially true when we are talking about doctors, because none of us has the right to consider himself the ultimate truth.

So, I buy a subscription to «family Care» for their relatives living in, say, Moscow. What happens next?

Each subscriber receives a unique user name and password to the system available from anywhere through any computer or phone (Android or iPhone). First, the patient needs to connect to the platform Call4Life from your phone or computer. A unique platform developed by us, allows direct video consultations with your doctor at any time and also provides the physician with quick access to patient records, obtaining a prescription by e-mail and more. Patient generated medical records, which are stored as past performance surveys, and all the new results of all surveys and analyses. They will be available always and from anywhere in the world.

If, for example, an elderly person with no computer experience to independently connect to the platform?

For this purpose, Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union we have a technical service. Technical consultant calling our customer and with him goes the entire process of connecting and registering. Then for going to Call4Life need to press a button. By pressing it, the client gets to redconsultancy acting as «registry»: he interrogates the patient, find out his complaints, record to the doctor at any convenient time. After that, the patient on the phone or e-mail will receive a notification that he recorded in, just before receiving the system once again remind him about it. Then in the app or the computer screen appears, the patient sees the doctor, and the doctor – patient, and starts the normal reception. At the end of the reception, the doctor gives the conclusion and recommendations that are sent to the patient via e-mail. In extreme cases, our doctors may contact patients by phone.

What language do the doctors say? And in writing a report?

All of our doctors speak Russian. Recommendations are written in Russian, but if necessary, can also be written in Hebrew and in English. All of the conclusion of the Israeli doctors are placed in the electronic medical record, as survey, as in Hebrew and in Russian (at the request of the patient).

If the patient needs to be tested and go through any studies, where and how is it done?

We work with a number of clinics, research centers and laboratories in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, which got our accreditation, which we fully trust as, say, our partner hospitals network of Russian Railways, the Ramsey clinic in St. Petersburg and several other medical centers (the list is constantly updated). But the patient can go to any lab, for example, in the clinic by place of residence. After that, patients need to take a picture of the paper with the research results and put them on the platform Call4Life. If for any reason not obtained, the patient can seek the assistance of a technical consultant, or maybe just to show the results of redconsultancy or even to dictate them. After that, he will be assigned to consult with a doctor during which the doctor will make up for it a treatment program or survey. At the same time he will indicate the required frequency of consultations – for example, once a week or once a month (depending on the disease). The doctor will monitor the patient’s condition, adjust treatment program to control which medications and how the patient is taking.

In what cases do you recommend for the patient to come to Israel?

I must say that we never persuade patients to come here. Moreover, we try to save the money of patient and his forces. For example, it is impractical to fly to Israel to do a MRI. Talking with the patient, I’m going to tell him that, first, in an Israeli hospital this study is more expensive than Russian, and secondly, many medical centers have exactly the same devices as in Israel. We are not a company of medical tourism. We are, first and foremost, a medical startup that combines the latest technology and modern medical advances. And most importantly, we are the doctors who think about what’s right for the patient.

But still, if your patient is living abroad, it is impossible to do without the surgery, you advise him?

If the patient cannot do without surgery, we offer him a choice of hospitals in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and Israel, designed for different financial capabilities of the patient, but provides medical services to approximately the same level. For example, in Russia we signed a contract with the largest network of hospitals, Railways, Belarus the same contract is with the hospital of the Ministry of defence and security. Of course, there are operations that can only be done at a specific clinic. We have signed the relevant contracts on the acceptance of our patients with the clinic «tel Hashomer», «Assetou» etc. If a situation arises, requiring the presence of the patient in Israel, doctor beforehand makes up for it a treatment program here, explaining where, what and how it will do, and also what amount it will spend. We ensure that the patient did not make any unnecessary procedures, limited to only those that are needed. This is very important because any intervention is fraught with side effects. In any case, we are not acting as representatives of a particular hospital, but as the curators of the patient. Doctor of Call4Life accompanies the patient, and takes care of him – both during hospital stay and after discharge.

How much is a subscription to Call4Life? On what kind of purse it is designed?

Call4Life, primarily focused on seniors, those who are not able to come, who «does not like to be treated» Russian and other post-Soviet medicine. A subscription to «family Care» costs 350 NIS a month per couple and 250 per person. This amount corresponds approximately to the cost of insurance in the Israeli sickness funds.

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«Caring for loved ones.» Israeli doctors for Russian pensioners 04.09.2017

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