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Carla Bruni accuses of lying US President and criticized the nudity of his wife

Carla Bruni, former First lady of France, gave an interview with the Daily Beast, which caught in a lie of US President Donald trump and criticized the appearance of his wife Melanie.

Earlier the press exaggerated rumors that in 1991, trump allegedly intended to leave his wife, American actress and producer Marla maples for the Italian singer Bruni, who then became the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Today Bruni claims that trump just made that story up and leaked it to the press through his spokesperson. During the presidential campaign of the current head of the White house declared that knows nothing about the alleged affair with Bruni.

The author recalls that in 1991, when trump and Bruni was far from politics, Karl in an interview with The Daily Mail called odious billionaire «crazy» and said that his advances brought her in confusion. Today, the 49-year-old singer and songwriter is not recalled his words, calling the story a «lie».

Bruni, a former supermodel and a Muse to many famous people, including the leader of the «rolling stones» Mick Jagger has compared their Nude photos with «Nude» the current first lady of the United States of Melanie trump, calling them «very different». She argued that it looked much thinner, more refined and artistic, and because of her «naked photo shoot» was more successful.

Carla Bruni accuses of lying US President and criticized the nudity of his wife

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