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Carpet four-kilometer-long al-Sisi revolted and amused the Egyptians

Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi became the object of ridicule after the state TV broadcast footage of the opening ceremony of the complex of social housing in the suburbs of Cairo.

Cavalcade of the head of state arrived at the building in a huge red carpet. The length of this red car tracks reached four kilometers. Note that the speech al-Sisi at the ceremony was dedicated to the requirement to tighten their belts.

One of the topics addressed by the President, was the need to reduce government subsidies to water. According to al-Sisi, the water supply cost to the budget of five million dollars daily. Only a small part of this amount is paid by the citizens.

«The President encourages us to conserve, but four kilometers of carpets, which was driving his car, talking about something else entirely,» reads the headline of the newspaper «al-Makal», which quoted the TV channel ABC.

Video of the ceremonial arrival of the President to the ceremony has become the most popular subject of the Arab segment of the Internet. In the comments, the anger alternates with ridicule. The army had to come to the aid of his commander-in-chief.

«The rug was purchased three years ago, before being elected our President. But every single Egyptian should overfill pride when he realizes that this perfectly organized the ceremony sees the whole world,» said a spokesman for the armed forces, General Ihab al-Ahmadi.

Carpet four-kilometer-long al-Sisi revolted and amused the Egyptians 09.02.2016

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