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Casino in Eilat: Likud, SHAS, «Bayt Yehudi» and MERETZ against

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a special meeting devoted to the construction in Eilat complex with a casino.

The meeting was attended by Minister of transport Yisrael Katz, Minister of tourism Yariv Levin, as well as the Director General of the Ministry of transport and the Ministry.

The initiative to create in Eilat complex with casinos, entertainment centers, restaurants and shopping centres promoting minture head Yariv Levin.

Levin proposes to build 2-4 at the casino on the territory of the Eilat airport, which will be closed after the entry into operation of the airport named after Ilan Ramon in Timna.

The construction of the casino, according to the plan, should be accompanied by measures aimed at prevention of negative consequences of creation of a casino in Israel.

At the same time the head of government believes that it should be limited to one casino. He put forward a proposal to allow entry to the casino is only for foreigners was rejected as problematic from the point of view of implementation and protection in the high court of appeals.

After the meeting it was decided to entrust the duty of preparing the programme for the construction of a casino in Eilat on Levin.

At the same time, several Ministers opposed this initiative. In particular, against the house were made by the education Minister Naftali Bennett and agriculture Minister URI Ariel.

The Ministers of the SHAS party also are categorically against the construction of the casino. It was opposed by the representatives of the parties «Jadot a-Torah» and MERETZ.

In the municipality of Eilat, long offering to build a casino in town, expressed cautious optimism, however, consider the proposed Levin program problematic. The issuance of permits for the opening of new casino hotels that will be built on the airport site would cause a protest from the older hotels. In addition, in Eilat believe that emphasis should be placed on the construction of centres for congresses, to which the casino will be a good addition.

Casino in Eilat: Likud, SHAS, «Bayt Yehudi» and MERETZ against 17.02.2016

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