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CBS: 63% unorganized employees against unions

According to a study conducted by the Central Bureau of statistics, 63% of the 1.9 million wage-workers in enterprises not covered by labour organizations oppose the creation of their companies working committees.

Only 32% would like to organize a working Committee and another 5% have no definite opinion on this issue.

Out of 870 thousand workers covered by the labour organizations, 22% believe that the working Committee do not represent their interests, while 74% stated that is.

Of the 3 million employees 27% are members of any trade Union organization, which was 2% more than in 2012. The largest organization is «General Federation of trade unions (Histadrut Clalit»), which have 54% of the combined workers (a decrease of 7% compared to 2012). 22% are members of a teachers Union or organization of teachers of middle and high school. 6% are members of physicians or associations of senior staff of universities.

CBS: 63% unorganized employees against unions 13.02.2018

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