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«Celebration of democracy» in Venezuela: defeat of the «chavistas» amid falling oil prices

The oppositional Block «democratic unity» (BDE) received bolshinstvo votes in the parliamentary elections in Venezuela: the heirs of Hugo chávez from the United socialist party of Venezuela (ESIT), headed by Nicolas Maduro, gets only 46 seats in the Parliament of 167, and the winners receive not less than 99 seats. 16 more seats remain Unallocated.

If the opposition achieve a two-thirds majority, it will allow her to organize the impeachment of the current President, at which the country’s economy has faced great difficulties, said in a research article published December 7, the newspaper «Kommersant».

President Maduro has already declared the victory of the opposition, called on its supporters to unite and «oppose counter-revolutionary plan».

«Our morals and our ethics we recognize these adverse results, accept them and say that in Venezuela have defeated the Constitution and democracy», – quotes the edition of words Maduro.

Leader ASIT repeatedly predicted the victory of «chavistas» and promised that his party will get «ten million voters».

News Agency TASS reports meanwhile that the opposition supporters are celebrating victory in the streets of Caracas and Secretary of ispolnitelnyj BDE, jesús Torrealba already stated that the transition of power will be peaceful.

Torrealba convinced that a democratic victory brought a deep economic crisis caused by falling oil prices and populist policies of the socialist government. The country’s defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez said that the army is not planning a «terrorist or political violence», promising citizens instead a «celebration of democracy».

«Celebration of democracy» in Venezuela: defeat of the «chavistas» amid falling oil prices 07.12.2015

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