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Certified guides declare war rivals-«grabbers»

December 15, near the Ministry of tourism will host the demonstration of professional guides. The reason for it is the unwillingness of the government and the Ministry of tourism to deal with the «impostors» conducting tours.

The organizers of the protests indicate that Israel is to receive a profession guide and be eligible for work you must complete biennial training and pass exams. However, the government is not trying to protect the profession against «intruders» who, without a license and without possessing sufficient knowledge, providing services to tourists, thus damaging the prestige of the profession.

The organizers of the protest indicate that «on paper» in Israel there are «tourist police» and a special Department in the Ministry of tourism. However, they do not perform their duties.

Israeli guides say that competitors are»grabbers» often twist the facts, distort history, and even «a disgrace to Israel.» In addition, they are deprived of the earnings of professionals in this field.

The organizers of the protest put the example of Israel, how is control over the «purity of the profession» in the Palestinian authority. According to them, near the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem every day on duty police officers, who detained the guides operating without a license. The tour guides say that such raids should be carried out near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, through which pass daily hundreds of groups, and without which no cost, virtually no excursion.

Certified guides declare war rivals-«grabbers» 14.12.2015

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