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Charge: father killed daughter for Christian relationship with the Muslim

Sunday, July 16, the Prosecutor’s office filed in U.S. district court in Lod indictment against 59-year-old Arab-Christian Sami Kara from Ramle. He is accused of killing his daughter, 17-year-old Henrie Kara, in June of this year. According to investigators, the man killed the girl, as they were against her relations with a young Muslim.

The Prosecutor’s office of the tel Aviv district was able to collect many clues in this case. Among them the testimony of a friend of the deceased. According to her, a few days before the death of Henriet told her about the threats from their relatives. «They sent people to kill me. They are looking for me everywhere,» wrote the girl.

A romantic relationship with a Muslim Henriet arose a year ago. Parents were strongly against this. In addition, she began to fear for his life. So at the end of may she decided to leave home and was living in different places, including at the mother house of his friend, who is serving a prison sentence.

Parents Henriet tried to bring her home, even contacted the police for this purpose. Relatives found the girl in the mother house of her friend in Netanya. One of them broke her cell phone. Then the apartment came the girl’s father. He gave her a slap and said: «I am ready to sit in prison for life. I don’t care.»

On 12 June Henriet was valedictorian in high school. The same day she told one of her relatives that her friend will soon be released from prison and she is going to accept Islam. A relative gave this information to the girl’s father. According to the indictment, soon the father of the deceased came to the apartment where she was staying, and stabbed her three stab wounds, from which Henrie died.

At the time of the murder in the apartment when nobody else was. But the mother of a friend of Henriet claims that he talked to her on the phone before and heard a knock at the door and a male voice. The girl told her that it was her father, and then interrupted the conversation to open the door. After that she was murdered.

Charge: father killed daughter for Christian relationship with the Muslim 16.07.2017

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