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Charged «the Lithuanian group», extorting money from elderly immigrants

The Prosecutor’s office has charged seven detainees in the case of «Lithuanian group» self-deceiving elderly Russian-speaking Israelis and extorting money from them.

The attackers called the victims selected were submitted by the European lawyers and claimed that a relative of the victim is guilty in the accident and it is necessary to make a large sum of money. The press service of the Ministry of justice announced on February 26 that the defendants enticed at older Israelis about two million shekels. Received more than 220 complaints (according to other sources, more than 270).

Arrested on charges of extortion with threats, conspiracy and other offenses.

Recall that, typically, the scammers call the known phone, having information about the people living at this address, and, as a rule, are represented by lawyers approached the relatives of these people allegedly in distress. «Legend» is usually as follows: your family member (called data) someone injured or caused other damage, the injured party is ready to settle the issue without police intervention and court, this immediately requires a certain amount of cash (if you act in a lawful manner that will cost much more), we can send the money to you by our courier, prepare the agreed amount. «Legend» can vary, for example, scammers may claim to have suffered and your relative, but its meaning is unchanged: there is a very serious problem with your family, you can decide fast money to pass to the courier. Sometimes calls «doctor» that says that an accident occurred with a relative who injured his face and caused serious injury to another person, and therefore in urgent need of money «to settle». In this case the receiver takes (or call separately) and «relative» whose speech sounds indistinct due to «injury».

The recommendations of the police

1. To interrupt the conversation, to contact a family member and find out if he was okay.

2. If you have caller ID, try to record the number that called scammer.

3. It is recommended in any case not to let strangers in your apartment and in any case not to give money to anyone during such visits.

4. To tell the police about this call as quickly as possible.

Charged «the Lithuanian group», extorting money from elderly immigrants 26.02.2016

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