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Charlie Hebdo made fun of the terrorist attack in London: may with decapitated head in his hand

The attack in London was one of the key themes of the latest issue of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which went on sale Wednesday, June 7.

On the magazine cover depicted the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may, dressed in a simple blue suit which holds his severed head, and the militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state» giving her «tips on losing weight». Recommendation terrorists laconic: «Run faster. The caption under this cartoon reads: «Multiculturalism in Britain».

The picture on the other page of the publication entitled «the British are in shock.» It depicts a pair of Englishmen, asserting that «he never drew caricatures of the prophet Mohammed,» writes RIA Novosti news Agency. .

A separate section is devoted to the leisure activities of Britons. In one of the cartoons very fat man that says «I love London» t-shirt says «will continue to drink beer, even if will burst.»

«London: a drama» is the title of a drawing in which a man laments over riddled with bullets with a beer mug, from which a brisk streams flowing beer.

Not without jokes about General knowledge about tea as an important part of the lives of British subjects. «We will continue to drink tea,» says a woman sitting behind served for the tea party table. The author of the cartoon said: «the terrorist Attack in London: they their way of life will not change».

Charlie Hebdo regularly publishes provocative cartoons illustrating the different events. The attention of the world previously little-known magazine has attracted after a series of attacks in January 2015, when the editorial office was attacked by Islamists, the newspaper reminds.

Charlie Hebdo made fun of the terrorist attack in London: may with decapitated head in his hand 07.06.2017

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