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Chelsea manning after his release from prison, will complete the process of changing sex

The informant of WikiLeaks, Chelsea manning (born Bradley manning), which 17 may have to be released, intends to complete the process of changing gender, reports the BBC.

The news service quoted Nancy Hollander, attorney manning, who explained that manning had received the hormones for sex change, but transgender was not allowed to grow hair.

Chelsea manning, the main informant of WikiLeaks, was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Manning already has been imprisoned for 7 years, which is the largest time spent in prison for such a violation of the law. Chelsea manning will be released after a pardon signed by President Barack Obama.

We will remind, the citizen of the USA and the UK Bradley manning, CIA, specialization of which was the analysis of intelligence, was arrested in the vicinity of Baghdad at the end of 2010. He was charged with containing many items, among which was the theft of important government documents and send them to the enemy. Manning admitted that he gave Wikileaks hundreds of thousands of secret documents, including the correspondence of American diplomats, but insisted that his actions sought to contribute to the discussion about foreign policy in American society. He handed the video of the execution of more than 10 people from an American Apache helicopter in Baghdad in 2007, divulged 470 thousand field reports of American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and 250 thousand of diplomatic dispatches forwarded from abroad to Washington by American diplomats.

In the framework of the investigation manning was a psychiatric examination, the results of which testified that he was under stress due to a hostile environment and the problem of gender identification. The psychiatrist said that manning was considering a sex-change operation, and send your photos in a dress, blond wig and lipstick on the lips. He also claimed that the defendant chose a military career in the hope that the army would make him a real man.

Already in prison, Bradley manning has started the procedure for a sex change and changed his name to Chelsea manning, demanding that it is now treated as a woman.

Chelsea manning after his release from prison, will complete the process of changing sex

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