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China agreed to the extension of UN security Council sanctions against North Korea

The United States and China reached agreement on a draft resolution that extends the sanctions of the UN security Council against the DPRK in connection with the recent nuclear tests carried out by the country. According to Reuters, in the coming days a draft resolution put to the vote.

According to sources Reuters, the negotiations on the draft resolution was conducted between the U.S. and China over the past seven weeks.

According to published reports, the draft resolution includes a «black list», which will be made to individuals and organizations.

Recall, January 6, the authorities of the DPRK announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb by passing a special statement on TV Central. This statement by the North Korean authorities aired South Korean TV channels. In Seoul convened an emergency meeting of the Council of national security of South Korea.

Defense Minister of South Korea Hwang John Mu stated that while it is difficult to judge whether the DPRK tested a hydrogen bomb it is. Japan, China and the US also doubt the existence of North Korea of such a bomb. The authorities of these countries rely not only on intelligence but also on the conclusions of experts, according to which explosion-induced seismic activity was not powerful enough for a full thermonuclear explosion.

However, immediately after the announcement of nuclear tests the UN security Council held an emergency meeting at which approval called the test «a clear threat to international peace and stability.» Japan’s Ambassador to the UN called on to draw up a draft resolution on new sanctions against North Korea, but the Russian representative in the UN said that does not guarantee that Moscow will support the extension of sanctions.

China agreed to the extension of UN security Council sanctions against North Korea 25.02.2016

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