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China has engaged in the settlement of the Syrian crisis. Review of the Russian media

CEO of rostec Sergey Chemezov hopes that Russia will begin deliveries of antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-300 to Iran by the end of next year, wrote on Monday the newspaper «Kommersant» . According to him, Russia has already received an advance on an arms contract with Iran.

«The Iranians asked to supply s-300. I expect that deliveries will begin by the end of 2016. The advance we have already received. I think that will continue to expand cooperation, including in the civil sphere», – quotes the edition of words Chemezov, who added that after withdrawing from the country, international sanctions, Iran can sell any weapon, other than the means of attack.

Chinese authorities intend to invite representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition to come to Beijing to negotiate. This was during a recent meeting of the International group in support of Syria (MGPS) in new York announced the head of the Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi, writes «Kommersant».

The government of Israel confirms participation in airstrikes in the suburbs of Damascus, however, the elimination of Samir Kuntar, one of the leaders connected with «Hezbollah» the Lebanese factions welcomed, says the Russian press. «It’s good that people like Samir Kuntar, will not be part of our world» – leads RIA Novosti words of the housing Minister of Israel, Yoav GALANT. Other representatives of the Israeli authorities, including the Ministry of defence declined to comment.

From 1 January in Russia introduced a ban on the import into Russia of agricultural products, raw materials and food produced in Ukraine. The corresponding decree of the government of Russia published on the website of the Cabinet. As stated in the explanatory document, the government’s resolution of 7 August 2014 it was envisaged that such a ban will apply from the date of entry into force of item 1 of Government resolution dated 19 September 2014 No. 959, but no later than 1 January 2016. However, the European Union and Ukraine adopted a decision on implementation from 1 January 2016 the economic section of the Association Agreement Ukraine – EU, recalls «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

Turkish Minister of customs and trade Bulent Tufekci does not believe that relations between Russia and his country is ruined for years. In an interview with the newspaper «Haber Turk», which he called a very clear timeline to reduce tensions in relations between Moscow and Ankara. According to the Turkish Minister, which was quoted by TASS, the crisis can be resolved by March 2016. «We are doing everything we can to both the Russian and the Turkish people didn’t incur losses. Assume that (crisis — approx. ed.) will not last long, in February and March, the tensions will decrease, and the situation gradually returning to normal».

Russia and the United States played a decisive role in the meeting on Syria in new York, showing that it can negotiate, when necessary, writes «Nezavisimaya Gazeta» in the article entitled Moscow and

Washington changed the negative to the constructive. The resolution adopted last Friday in the third round of negotiations of the International support group Syria, is in fact the plan of peaceful settlement of protracted civil war. Commenting on the results of the meeting, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry thanked Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who «helped to bring all parties to the negotiating table, to create a database, which was not all these years»

Relations between Moscow and Washington should not be a ritual sacrifice during the election campaign in the USA, as it can be observed in the case of a presidential candidate Jeb Bush, said the press Secretary of the Russian head Dmitry Peskov. According to him, Russia regrets that it has become a means of manipulating voters.

«As for the statements of the candidate in US presidents, the Russian side repeatedly emphasized that we would not want to see our country and bilateral relations between Russia and the U.S. were on the slaughter of pre-election fight, was used as a kind of ritual sacrifice in the course of pre-election debates. Here you can Express only a regret» – quoted Peskov, the newspaper «Izvestia».

«Komsomolskaya Pravda» published an article about the President of the American University in Moscow Eduard Lausanne, in which he asks the question: for what Americans hounded trump?

«In the American media for the past few days, widespread campaign to discredit the current favorite of the Republican party Donald trump by presenting Gokak best friend of Vladimir Putin. All their previous attempts, which used a rather politically incorrect statements trump about illegal immigrants, Muslims, journalists and some rivals, did not bring success.

In the party leadership reigns a state of near panic. For them, the trump is totally unacceptable figure, as he is not a professional politician and refuses to play by the established rules, and does not hesitate openly to speak about it» – describes the author of the article the situation around odious billionaire desperate for power.

«The party elite hate the fact that trump is not dependent on the financial support of the party and therefore capable of conducting an independent policy.
In this situation, any compromising evidence on its weight in gold, so it is absolutely harmless and Putin’s words about the talent of trump, but at the same time that Russia is ready to work with any President elected by the American people literally blew up the local media. While all this had no impact on the ranking of trump, in fact, he even rose a few points to 38%. All the other competitors far behind. In any case, it is clear that the current presidential campaign in America will be very exciting and unpredictable,» concludes Lozansky.

China has engaged in the settlement of the Syrian crisis. Review of the Russian media 21.12.2015

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