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Chinese diet drug almost killed 14-year-old Israeli woman

14-the summer inhabitant of one of settlements in Northern Israel was hospitalized with a serious disruption of the heart. According to the doctors of the hospital «Rambam», who saved the life of a young patient, the cause of the failure was the way to lose weight.

According to the site Nana10, dietary Supplement for weight-loss was acquired by the girl’s parents in China via the Internet. The tool allowed the teenager to lose in a short period of time almost ten pounds, but soon the girl was having health problems.

This publication indicates that the doctors of children’s hospital, Rambam believed that the use of non-certified by the Israeli Ministry of health funds could lead to death.

The publication does not specify the name of the food additive, however, stated that this weight loss were banned in the U.S. in 2010, and in 2015 the health Ministry of Israel has issued a special warning about the dangers of its use.

Physicians who saved the life of the girl, in turn, advise before purchasing one or another nutritional supplements, check online that the product should not pose a threat to health.

Chinese diet drug almost killed 14-year-old Israeli woman 16.02.2016

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