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Chinese lawmakers approved the law on the right of citizens to second child

Chinese legislators, members of the Standing Committee of the national people’s Congress, approved an amendment to the Law on population and family planning , allowing couples to have a second child.

It is reported on Sunday, December 27, the official news Agency Xinhua.

The policy of birth control was introduced in China in 1979 to slow population growth. Under this law, urban couples could only have one child, and in the villages were allowed to have two children if the first born is a girl. Violators were subject to a hefty fine and could be subjected to other sanctions, including forced abortion. According to statistics, the policy of birth control has prevented the birth of 400 million people.

About two years ago, the government relaxed its regulations to limit population growth, allowing couples where one spouse is an only child, to have a second child.

Cancellation policy of birth control is mainly related to the fact that today about 30% of the population of China, home to 1.3 billion people, over 50 years, the number of able-bodied citizens has been steadily declining , and the amount that the government spends on social benefits, is growing.

According to forecasts of sociologists, in the next 15 years in this country will be to live 400 million people, has exceeded the 60-year mark, which will place a heavy burden on the economy of the PRC.

It is expected that about a million people intend to take advantage introduced by the amendment and to have a second child, which will lead to two million newborns. Just this right now have 11 million people.

Chinese lawmakers approved the law on the right of citizens to second child 27.12.2015

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