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Citizens demand to return to the family Faminyh monkey Yasha. Details and comments

On Friday 12 February, at noon, about monkey nursery in Ben-Semine («Park-and-Cofim»), held a picket which participants demanded to return the monkey to the owners of the film confiscated from the family of Faminyh, where he lived for 26 years.

Yasha from the kind of tiny monkeys (Talapoin Monkey) came to Larisa and Leonid vaginam in 1989. Their daughter Natalia Oliynyk, which at that time was 13 years, told the editorial that Yasha was believed a family member. Therefore, when in 2000-m to year Pagini immigrated to Israel, Yasha brought, by providing the monkey for crossing border documents.

Two years after repatriation, in 2002, Faminyh in an apartment in Rishon LeZion come the inspectors of the Department of nature protection and national parks and took the animal, explaining that wild animals in Israel to keep in the houses is prohibited. Later Yasha returned and gave Vaginam permission to content in the home of a wild animal, is valid until 2004.

In December 2015, the inspectors of Department of protection of nature and national parks again came to the house Faminyh, this time having been informed that their home is home without a license wild animal, which is ill-treated hosts.

The inspectors confiscated the monkey and placed in a monkey nursery in Ben-Semene, under the supervision of veterinarians. Owners Yasha tried to return his pet in court, but on January 18 the judge of the world court ruled in favor of the defendants, having refused to satisfy the claim Paginii.

In his verdict, the judge notes that Pagini not renew the license issued to them in 2002 for a period of two years, and thus Management of nature protection and national parks acted within the law, confiscating the monkey.

In the court’s decision also indicates that the inspectors of Department of protection of nature and national parks found the Villa in poor condition. After the monkey was examined by the vet two – out Management for the conservation of nature and from nursery in Ben-Semena – it turned out that Yash has diabetes and almost complete loss of vision, the monkey lost all his teeth in addition Yasha is a carrier of alphaherpesvirus that can be transmitted from animal to man. The judge also refused vaginam’s request to allow them to see the animal, because Yasha «has already begun the process of adjusting to their fellow man, and to let the monkey to start a «new life» and to spend the remainder among his relatives».

The owners themselves Yasha confirmed in his testimony that after 16 years of living in Israel has never shown the monkey to the veterinarian, considering the cause of the deterioration of the health of elderly Yasha for this species the age. (According to Wikipedia, tiny monkeys live in captivity for up to 28 years.)

Lawyer Licial Lemesh, representing the interests of the family Faminyh, appealed the court’s decision, and on Wednesday, the 10th of February, it will consider the district court of Jerusalem. Lemesh said editorial that considers the confiscation illegal monkeys, and all accusations against Faminyh the abuse of animals is unfounded.

Lemesh claims that the law that allows to keep wild animals only license from the Ministry of agriculture, is valid only since 1989 and is not valid in cases, when the animal was in the family until that time or arrived with family in Israel. Therefore, according to counsel, the issuance of a license vaginam in 2002 was illegal, and the couple had not violated the law by not extending the license.

As for Ashinaga health, Pagini expressed readiness in their monkeys to perform all the instructions of the vet.

Counsel also indicates that the confiscation Yasha vaginum caused serious moral and physical damage, because Larisa and Leonid Pagini, as well as their daughter and granddaughter deeply tied to the monkey and believe Yasha family member. After the visit of the inspectors from the environmental protection Department Leonid Feigin was hospitalized with a heart attack.

According to counsel, the court has no legal grounds to reject the appeal of the family, requiring them to return the monkey.

The press service of the Department of nature conservation and national parks said the editorial that «the monkey is under the supervision of a veterinarian due to poor health and according to the court, for the benefit of the monkeys and on the recommendation of veterinarians».

Citizens demand to return to the family Faminyh monkey Yasha. Details and comments 09.02.2016

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