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Citizens of Denmark voted against further integration with the European Union

The Danish citizens in a national referendum voted against further integration in the legal and law enforcement structures of the European Union, despite the consensus of the government and the opposition, who spoke for expansion of cooperation with Brussels.

The turnout was 75%. After counting the votes the share of opponents of further integration accounts for 53.3 per cent of votes. Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Locke Rasmussen said the referendum clearly rejected the transfer of powers to the EU, and stressed that he respects the will of citizens.

The Danes rejected integration with law enforcement agencies in the EU and in the referendum of 1992, when they rejected the Maastricht Treaty. After Denmark had the opportunity to maintain independence in these matters, the citizens approved the agreement. The government has called for further integration, arguing that it will help combat international crime. However, a member of the ruling coalition «national party», advocating for tougher anti-immigrant legislation, urged not to give up sovereignty in favor of Brussels.

Commentators note that the outcome of the referendum could lead to the exit of Denmark from Europol.

Denmark took a lot less illegal immigrants in 2015 than in neighbouring Sweden and Germany.

Citizens of Denmark voted against further integration with the European Union 04.12.2015

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