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Clashes with Muslims in Myanmar: hundreds killed, Kadyrov condemned Moscow’s position

Myanmar government newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar claims that the militants «Arakan salvation army Rohingya» burn Buddhist monasteries and destroyed statues of Buddha in the Western Rakhine state in Myanmar, where for the second week of clashes the rebels with the regular army, reports TASS.

As the newspaper notes, in one of the settlements in the North of this state were found the statues of Buddha that had broken-off heads. Were also found several burnt Buddhist pagoda in one of the local monasteries. In addition, Myanmar’s security forces have recorded the damage to the boom on a large section of the border with Bangladesh.

According to the newspaper, due to the unstable situation remain closed more than 400 schools.

According to official data, the number of victims of clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in Western Myanmar over the last week exceeded 400 people. Most of the dead militants – the Rohingya. More than 2,600 homes burned, and about 38 thousand people from Rakhine have been forced to flee to Bangladesh.

Against this background, the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has released a video message in which he said that Myanmar has killed thousands of Muslims, disagreed with the position of Russia about this conflict (Moscow stresses its neutrality) and noted that he supports the position of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unequivocally condemning «attacks on Muslims» in Myanmar.

The situation in Rakhine state (Arakan) in the West of Myanmar has dramatically escalated on August 25 when hundreds of insurgents of movement «the Arakan Rohingya salvation army», which the Republic’s authorities consider a terrorist organization, launched attacks on dozens of the strong points of the police.

Local authorities say about the new escalation of the conflict, the most serious since last October, when Muslims also launched a series of attacks on police, killing nine people. Then, in response to the police and the army attacked the Rohingya villages, without sparing civilians (reported murders, rapes and robberies). As a result, about 87 thousand representatives of the people fled to Bangladesh. The actions of the security forces of Myanmar was condemned by the UN.

Clashes with Muslims in Myanmar: hundreds killed, Kadyrov condemned Moscow’s position 04.09.2017

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