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Clinton and Netanyahu differed on the situation in the middle East

Sunday, December 6, former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton said, speaking at the forum «Saban» in Washington that «President Mahmoud Abbas is the best possible partners in Israel negotiate peace in the middle East».

Clinton, leading the struggle for a post of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party, said that «many in the Israeli government do not consider Mahmoud Abbas’ negotiating partner, but I want to ask them: what’s the alternative?»

According to the former head of the foreign Department of the USA, the alternative to Abbas may be the «black flags of the organization «Islamic state».

On 6 December a video message to the participants of the forum were greeted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In his words, «the core of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is not the settlements, not the issue of the land occupied by Israel in 1967, and the refusal of the Arabs to recognize the Jewish state right to exist».

Netanyahu stressed that «the negotiations about a peaceful settlement should be to create demilitarizing Palestinian state that recognizes the right to existence of the Jewish state.»
«So far this is not happening», said the head of government.

He also stated that «the Arab-Israeli conflict is at the heart of tensions in the middle East.» According to the Prime Minister, the main problem is the war waged by «Islamic fundamentalism against humanity, including against Muslims».

We will remind that earlier the forum was made by the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. He stated that «the current situation leads to the collapse of the Palestinian authority, which means a Binational state.»

According to Kerry, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he «committed the two countries, but the Ministers in his government openly say that they oppose the establishment of such a state, both now and in the future.»

«Let’s get it over with performances and start talking honestly,» added Kerry.

Clinton and Netanyahu differed on the situation in the middle East 07.12.2015

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