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Close to Netanyahu accused the deputies from Likud cowardice

Sunday, August 6, a source in the Likud, close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an interview with criticized the MPs and Ministers abstaining from appearances in the media in support of the Prime Minister.

«They are cowards, but not only that they are cowards, it is in vain, — said our interlocutor. – They fear that if in the end Netanyahu will be indicted, their statements in support of it will stain them. Nonsense. How can stain a person’s the fact that he recalled the existence of the presumption of innocence?»

Approximate Netanyahu added: «Today left a rally under the slogan: «Netanyahu is guilty until, until proven otherwise. And those of likudniks who do not speak to the media, who provide support to the head of the government, give legitimacy to this outrageous approach.»

According to the source, Netanyahu is not planning early elections. «In any case, the consequence will last more than one week, and possibly for several months. Then the Prosecutor’s office and legal adviser to the government will require more than one month to study all the material. Then lawyers should be able to see every record of the hearing. It will take many months. Therefore it is early to speak about early elections».

On Sunday morning, August 6, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held the weekly meeting with Ministers from the «Likud». During the meeting the Prime Minister thanked the Ministers who gave in a media interview in support of it. Many of those present regarded these words as Netanyahu’s criticism of colleagues, as the majority of Ministers refuse to give interviews and speak out in support of Netanyahu.

Close to Netanyahu accused the deputies from Likud cowardice 06.08.2017

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