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CNN: laser gun U.S. Navy shot down a drone in the Persian Gulf

The Navy of the United States conducted in the Persian Gulf doctrine, in which the unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down by a laser gun. As reported by CNN, which publishes a video intercept, we are not talking about experimental weapons – combat lasers are armed.

LaWS or military laser system are mounted on the landing ship Ponce. He was launched UAV that served as the target. The publication notes that such aircraft using Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and other countries.

«It’s weapons more accurate bullets. Moreover, it is suitable to deal with both air and ground targets. The laser system is truly universal, it can be use against any targets,» said captain Christopher wells.

Accuracy allows to reduce collateral damage. Laser weapons are silent and «shoot» at the speed of light. The system cost $ 40 million. It requires only electricity supplied by own generator. The cost of the shot, according to the operator, about one dollar.

System the first generation able to deal with relatively slow targets, such as UAVs and boats. However, they are developing systems that can intercept missiles. At what stage are those plans, the Navy prefer not to.

CNN: laser gun U.S. Navy shot down a drone in the Persian Gulf 18.07.2017

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