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CNN: Putin charmed the next President of the United States

On Friday, July 7, on the sidelines of the summit of «Big twenty» in Hamburg ended with a meeting between President Donald trump with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It was the first personal meeting between the presidents of Russia and the USA, which previously communicated only by phone, emphasizes the RIA Novosti. The talks lasted two hours and sixteen minutes, despite the efforts of the Secretary-General of the United States Rex Tillerson and even the first lady of the United States of Melanie trump to stop a protracted conversation.

Speaking to reporters after the presidents ‘ meeting, U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson said that the two leaders quickly found a common language. «Between them there was a discernible sympathy,» said Tillerson.

CNN and other American media, noted that Putin charmed the next American President.

In an interview with CNN’s Jen Psaki, former press Secretary of the US state Department, said that during this meeting, «Putin has set a trap and trump caught».

According to her, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is able to captivate any audience, as for President Putin, he is fluent in the art of diplomacy, and knows how to set traps. In particular, the eve of the meeting, the Russian side said that the agenda of the talks between the two presidents is composed of three items: public establishment of relations, the clarification of some aspects of US policy and discussion of fear caused by international terrorism. As a result, all three items were ignored.

Immediately before the interview the US presidential Advisor on national security Herbert McMaster found that a specific agenda is not.

According to the Secretary-General of the United States Rex Tillerson, during the meeting, trump has repeatedly addressed the issue of Russian interference in the internal Affairs of States. Putin denied that Russia has made any attempt to influence the U.S. presidential election. «Instead of having to bring the evidence of this intervention, trump has agreed to the assurances of Putin and smiling in front of cameras,» says Jen Psaki.

CNN: Putin charmed the next President of the United States 08.07.2017

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