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CNN: the killer of San Bernardino planned attack three years ago

Saeed Farooq, who arranged with his wife a massacre in San Bernardino (California), have planned an attack three years ago with another assistant, according to CNN.

According to U.S. intelligence officials, said Faruq was discussed with a possible accomplice a plan of attack, they could have a specific goal. But Farouk refused to carry out conceived, probably having decided to postpone the attack on the background of the actions of law enforcement bodies, which at the time of detention of Islamic extremists in California.

Earlier media with reference to friends and neighbors Farouk was suggested that he became a radical, fell under the influence of his wife, whom he brought from the Middle East.

We will remind that on December 2, in a shooting in San Bernardino (California) were killed 14 persons, more than 20 were injured. The attack was made by three extremists, two of them – 27-year-old Malik Tashfin and 28-year-old Syed Rizwan Farooq – were killed in a shootout with police, wanted the third killer continues. It is established that we are talking about a carefully planned attack was perpetrated by radical Islamists. Responsibility for the attack claimed by the Islamic state.

CNN: the killer of San Bernardino planned attack three years ago 09.12.2015

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