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CNN: there’s new evidence that Russia is supplying weapons to Afghan Taliban

Broadcaster CNN publishes video supporting the previously announced U.S. and Afghan officials suspect that Russia is supplying weapons to the Taliban.

We are talking about the two videos, which featured the two factions of the Afghan Taliban in the North and West of the country.

The Taliban are demonstrating a sniper rifle, modifications of Kalashnikov assault rifles and heavy machine guns that were cleared of all identifying marks.

One of the groups based at city of Herat in Northwest Afghanistan, said that these weapons were captured from the other branch of the Taliban.

In the second video, filmed near Kabul, the militants claim that the weapons were received from Tajikistan «from Russian».

Note that the videos and the testimony of the Taliban may not be proof that Moscow is arming the Afghan «Taliban», and can only reinforce previously announced in the Kremlin accusations from the United States and Afghanistan.

For the first time these accusations were made in March this year, when General Curtis Scaparotti, the Supreme commander of the United armed forces of NATO in Europe and commander of European command of US armed forces, said he does not exclude the possibility that Russia is arming the terrorist group, the Taliban, operating in Afghanistan.

Scaparotti, stressed that in recent time has increased the influence of Russia in many regions, including in Afghanistan. However, the General did not specify which deliveries are dispatched from Russia to the Taliban and what is the role of Moscow in the Alliance.

In April, the commander of American forces in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson said that does not rule out the fact that the supply of Russian weapons to the Taliban.

Official representatives of the Afghan authorities also have voiced such accusations.

In turn, the Russian foreign Ministry has repeatedly denied that Moscow is supplying weapons to Afghan insurgents.

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CNN: there’s new evidence that Russia is supplying weapons to Afghan Taliban

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