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Company «Law and Finance» will return you the money that constantly takes state

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They say that work is our life. We are on it every day, know her better than the wife, investing in her own professionalism and her soul, transforming her into another house. Often this home becomes a refuge from what is happening in our private home, colleagues — members of working families, and the manual — working parents. And we expect that it will take care of us like real parents, making sure we were comfortable to work with and providing us a decent salary. However, at this point, the metaphor becomes problematic. Something in it sounds wrong and it is the sound of the coins that fall to the state Treasury, and not to your account.

Currently, the government holds more than 8 billion shekels, which should be returned to Israeli employees. The money is waiting for them to come and take, and to do so should the workers themselves. Calculation of payroll tax, which supervises companies that do not take into account a number of variables which the state should return a significant amount. These variables may be constantly changing because of rising wages or because of the alimony, but to follow them and to take them into account in the calculations will be neither owners nor the state.

Terms state if you require a refund you will not get. To make their own calculations as it is not interested due to high cost specialists and because no demand for time money it leaves. That is why professionals have started to unite in order to return the location of your money.

One of the market leaders for tax refunds is the company «Law and Finance», performing the functions of a modern Robin hood. Only for the first year of operation, the company managed to bring its customers the taxes in excess of 10 million shekels. Since then, on average, every year she returns to customers 20 million shekels, about 8.450 shekels on the average customer.

Despite his young age the company «Law and Finance» shows impressive results through effective working methods. The company has a staff of professionals for many years in constant touch with the state authorities, and using technology as well as technologies to maximize the efficiency of cooperation between company, customers and government.

In the tax return process, special emphasis is placed on obtaining documentation and accounting of all data that is successfully realized by the company «Law and Finance». The company is distinguished by the use of all kinds of electronic media, constant notifications about the promotion process, convenient exchange of data and knowledge on how to get a refund as quickly as possible.

Company «Law and Finance» has quickly taken a place among the market leaders in tax refunds, and we expect significant growth in the number of customers satisfied with provided them with company services. Company «Law and Finance» works on the present state of Israel — not something that is in the corridors of power, but one that exists due to going out everyday to work people.

At the moment the company «Law and Finance» has announced considerable discounts for new customers and benefit for customers, who will issue a tax refund on a regular basis.

You can fill in on our website a short questionnaire, which will allow you to verify your information.

To fill in the questionnaire of the company «Law and Finance» to check your chances of a tax refund

Company «Law and Finance» will return you the money that constantly takes state 06.02.2018

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