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Completed the first phase of the restoration of the Church of the Nativity

Completed the first phase of the restoration of one of the main shrines of Christianity – located in Bethlehem the Church of the Nativity. The Church, according to legend, built on the site of the manger where Jesus Christ was born, was in disrepair.

The General plan of the work is for three years, and the estimated cost, as previously reported, is about $ 20 million. It provides for capital repairs of leaking roofs, replacement of Windows, restoration of hidden under the dirt and soot medieval mosaics.

The Church, recognized by UNESCO’s world heritage list, was restored for more than six centuries. The reason for this constant conflict between the Shrine of dividing Christian denominations. In the XV century, the pilgrims complained about the leaking roof.

Injured the Church and in the Palestinian-Israeli event. In 2002, he was defiled had taken refuge from the Israeli army, Palestinian militants. In 2014 in an underground cave the flames spread to the Drapes. The representatives of the denominations still accuse each other of arson.

He early works were declared repeatedly, but such infighting, along with the lack of funding, they are constantly disrupted. Finally, funds were found – they were allocated by the authorities to the PNA, the Vatican, Turkey, Russia, France, Hungary and Palestinian entrepreneurs.

Completed the first phase of the restoration of the Church of the Nativity 18.02.2016

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