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Completed the restoration of the Egyptian synagogues

The head of the Department of Jewish antiquities of the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt, Dr. Muhammad mahran are made announced the completion of the inventory process and inventory of four synagogues and several cemeteries.

The inventory was pre-restoration stage, and lasted a whole year. The experts inspected the synagogue and the Eliahu Navi in Alexandria and three synagogues of Cairo. Also carried out the inventory of two of the Alexandria cemeteries, where are buried, including famous rabbis.

«After the registration of these objects, they came under the act on the protection of antiquities from 1983 and adopted the 2010 amendments. Earlier in the list of protected objects were introduced ten synagogues», — quotes the head of the Department of the newspaper «al-yum al-Sabaa».

While mahran are made acknowledged that the cemeteries are in disrepair, and noted that in their territory there is no separate historical monuments. According to him, the cause of desolation – a mass emigration of Egyptian Jews after the Israeli aggression of 1956.

Archaeologist Sameh al-Zahar reminded that for many centuries Egypt was for the Jews a real home. Special flourishing Jewish community in Egypt reached during the time of the Fatimids. He said that the RAMBAM, who moved to Egypt in the XII century, became the personal physician of Salah al-DIN.

Recall that for restoration located in Alexandria synagogue Eliyahu and-Navi, the government of Egypt has allocated $ 22 million. The historical building is in disrepair, a few months after the roof had collapsed.

The synagogue was the Central prayer house of the Jewish community of Alexandria and one of the largest in the Arab world. It seated 700 people.
It was built in the middle of the XIV century, but was seriously damaged in 1789, when Alexandria was taken, landed in Egypt the French army under the command of General Napoleon Bonaparte.

The current building in eclectic style was built in 1848 by architect Leon Barcelona. The project was funded by the Pasha of Egypt Muhammad Ali. Over a long period of service here was not conducted, but the synagogue was open on weekdays.

Completed the restoration of the Egyptian synagogues 06.08.2017

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