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Conference «labor»: Gabay asks to give him the «tools of victory» over Netanyahu

On Thursday evening, September 14, in tel-Aviv conference of the party «Avoda». It is convened on the initiative of the head of the party AVI Gaby, who asks the party to adopt a series of changes to the party Charter.

These changes should provide Gabau more authority in regard to the formation of the election list and the appointment of key figures in the faction, in the committees of the Knesset and the government, if «Avoda» will be included in it.

According to the proposals of the head of the party «Avoda», he will be entitled to book a place for the four candidates. Not more than two candidates are co-opted into the top ten. The third and the fourth one will take place in the second and third ten of the electoral list. The head of the party also proposes to cancel the booking of a seat in the election list for the Secretary General of the labor party.

Recall that previously published information according to which AVI Gabay talks with former Prime Minister Ehud Barak about a possible booking his place in the election list of the party. And Barack, and Gabay rejected the fact of such negotiations.

AVI Gabay also offers to convey to the President the authority to direct management of the party and its preparations for the elections. Today these powers are in the hands of the Secretary General of the labor party. «These changes will allow the Chairman of the party realize the responsibility that rests on it in preparing the party for elections with the financial and organizational point of view,» the document says. The Secretary General of the party
Gabay proposes to focus on the daily political work on the relationship with the offices of the party and its grass-roots unit, youth wing and ideological circles.

AVI Gabay proposes to make amendments to the procedure of activities of the faction in the Knesset. According to the proposal of the Chairman of the labor party, it will determine the personality of the head of fraction, heads of commissions, as well as representatives of factions in the committees.

The head of the labor party also proposes to extend the work of the permanent conference for 18 months after the election of the new head of the party.

Suggestions Gabaa formed in the document titled «Tools of victory». The document reads: «Such innovations should expand the space needed in the struggle for victory in future elections, for attracting new segments of the population into the party and into the ranks of its supporters. We need to strengthen accountability, transparency, and accountability at all levels of party activities.»

Initially, these proposals have aroused criticism among party activists. However, as we approach the date of the conference, all more MPs openly expressed their support for these initiatives. Moreover, it is not only those who supported GABA in the primaries. So the proposal of the head of the labor party supported his predecessor and current Chairman of the government of the opposition Isaac Herzog, members, Eitan cabel, Miki Rosenthal, Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin. According to some reports, proposals GABA support and Knesset member Shelly yachimovich. Currently it is unknown how to behave during the conference, the main competitor GABA on the past primaries, Amir Peretz and his supporters.

Conference «labor»: Gabay asks to give him the «tools of victory» over Netanyahu 14.09.2017

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