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Confiscated «premium car» from the family of one of the murderers of spouses Henkin

In the night of Sunday, July 30, in the Jenin refugee camp the Israeli military together with the police and the General security service (Shin bet) conducted an operation during which the search was made in the house of one of the terrorists involved in the murder of October 1, 2015 spouses of Atama and Naama Henkin.

As the press service of the IDF during the search were confiscated cars purchased by relatives of the terrorist to the money transferred to them by the representatives of the terrorist organization Hamas as a «prize» for carried out the attack.

Local residents tried to prevent the actions of the Israeli military and Shin bet, the police were forced to use weapons (according to the official report, used a small-caliber Ruger rifle). There is evidence that two rioters were wounded.

1 October 2015 during the period of Sukkot, at 21:04 on the road connecting the Jewish settlement of Alon Moreh and Itamar in Samaria, Arab terrorists were shot dead eitam and Naama Henkin, from the settlement of neria. An armed attack was committed by several terrorists, when the family returned home by car, in which were four children aged four months to nine years. Children are not affected.

Eitam and Naama Henkin was the religious Zionists. Eitam immigrated to Israel from the United States, he worked as a journalist and publicist, planned shortly to issue its own book. Naama was the head of a design company in tel Aviv.

Responsibility for the attack claimed by the group «the battalions of the Martyr Abd al-Qadr al-Husseini», one of the combat units of Fatah.

The investigation had revealed the involvement of Hamas the organization and implementation of this terrorist attack.

According to Israeli intelligence, the attack was planned for 37-year-old head of a cell of Hamas Rajab Ahmad Muhammad Allawi, the immediate perpetrators of the attack were 24-year-old Ihya Mahmoud Naif Abdullah Haji Hamad, the 33-year-old Samir Zahir Ibrahim Kusa, 23-year-old Karam al-Masri and 26-year-old Zaid Ziad Jamil Amar. According to the materials of the investigation, the site of the alleged attack was sent one of the members of the terrorist cell, which was supposed to ensure that there are no Israeli military. Received from him the signal that the «road is clear», on a mission left other militants. Noticing the family car Henkin, gunmen opened fire on him from their car. After the family car he stopped and ran up two fighters and shot Atama and Naama Henkin. The terrorists had also planned to kill were in the car of children, but one of the gunmen made a mistake and wounded another bandit. The terrorists were forced to return to his car and leave the scene of the attack. Two days after the attack, the militants were detained by the Israeli security services.

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Confiscated «premium car» from the family of one of the murderers of spouses Henkin 30.07.2017

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