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Congress is looking for the secrets of elite Russians. Review of Russian media

Russia is trying to «annoy» Washington. Review of Russian media

The attack on the Israeli Embassy in Amman claimed the life of a Jordanian doctor, wrote on Monday, July 24, the news Agency TASS. The Embassy entered 17-year-old Jordanian teenager who was stabbed in the chest with one of the employees. The victim of the attack was a local doctor, who came under fire opened by guards on the attackers.

Israel shelled positions of the Palestinian movement Hamas in southern Gaza strip, responding in this way to attack Palestinian radicals the previous day. Describes the situation in Israel, the Pro-Kremlin «Russian newspaper».

In February this year, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country meets powerful fire attacks of Palestinian radicals, the newspaper reminds.

Russia is trying to «annoy» Washington wherever possible – for example, in Syria, said the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo, speaking at a security forum in aspen, Colorado. He also accused Moscow of systematic interference in the American election campaign, which, according to Pompeo, did not begin in 2016, and at least eight years earlier, wrote on Monday the newspaper «Kommersant».

To the question about whether Moscow is an enemy of Washington, Mike Pompeo said, «it’s very difficult. We live in a world where the Russians have a huge nuclear Arsenal and they are entrenched in Syria. They took back the Crimea, they have a foothold in the South-East of Ukraine.» The Director of the CIA believe that the US should give Russia back and not allow it to «continue expansion».

«US sanctions may fall under the EU sanctions» is another article for the same publication, which States that
Brussels is preparing a response to the tightening of Washington’s restrictive measures against Moscow.

According to representatives of the White house, the President of the United States Donald trump is ready to sign the bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. On the eve it is agreed that the House of representatives of Congress, and on Tuesday, the document will be put to a vote. However, the tightening of restrictive measures against Russia may run into opposition from the European Union. According to the publication Financial Times, Brussels is prepared on Wednesday to urgently consider possible response to Washington’s decision.

Congress is looking for the secrets of the Russian elites – the U.S. government intends to identify the relationship of big business with the Kremlin, wrote on Monday, «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

The bill on Russian sanctions, agreed by all members of the U.S. house of representatives, threatens to become a headache for Russian big business. The bill, voting on which will take place on Tuesday, will transform the Moscow elite in the subject of detailed interest of the American authorities. Within 180 days after the law enters into force the Minister of Finance, the Secretary of the Department of state and the Director of national intelligence will be required to submit a detailed dossier to the committees in Congress.

The US strategy in the Afghan question has completely failed, said in an interview with the Pro-Kremlin newspaper «Izvestia» the representative of the Russian President for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov. According to him, this confirmed the figures in a new UN report.

The main conclusion that follows from the document, causing many concern. Fighting and attacks have moved from the countryside to large cities, including the capital, Kabul, and the number of victims only in the first half of 2017 is much higher than in the whole of last year.

«The American campaign in Afghanistan has failed. Just failed. A vivid and telling example — the figures of the report of the United Nations. The situation is deteriorating and will deteriorate due to the fact that the US does not want to radically change their approaches and strategies. Apparently in order to in Washington came to their senses and realized that their strategy is not working, must be something frankly appalling. The Americans announced the development of a new strategy for Afghanistan, but it is still not submitted. I think that in the end we will get the mountain gave birth to mouse – the same failed policies, but in a new wrapper», – leads edition of the words of an expert.

«Version: the first Soviet millionaire Artem Tarasov died due to the experimental method of cancer treatment» is the title of an article in «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

Officially, the cause of death is not yet known, the medical report yet, but relatives of the deceased suggested in conversation with the correspondent of the edition that he could die due to the experimental method of cancer treatment, believing a certain Professor, «discovering a way to live up to 200 years.»

The doctor recommended to replace chemotherapy and surgery in chlorophyll, which is similar to hemoglobin and is easily absorbed by cancer cells. Then the cell with a laser irradiated with light of a certain wavelength. Under the influence of the laser beam from the chlorophyll of the drug is released active oxygen which destroys the cancer cell. Tarasov believed in this method and not once advertised on television and on the Internet treatment with chlorophyll.

Congress is looking for the secrets of elite Russians. Review of Russian media 24.07.2017

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