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Corruption or political persecution. Media about the report of the auditor General

Thursday, July 13, the Israeli media commenting on the report, state Comptroller Yosef Shapira on the activities of the Ministry of communications. This report was published in the day when the investigators of the securities interrogated Director General of the Ministry of communications Shlomo Filber on suspicion of involvement in a corruption scandal in the company «Bezeq».

In the publications mentioned the name of Saul of Elovich (Elovich), he is the owner of the controlling shares of «Bezeq», which was sold to the company multi-channel satellite television Yes. He also owns a satellite company «Halal Tikshoret», which Yes purchases communication packages. In addition, Elovich owns the Walla.

Amitai Ziv and Nati Toker publish in the newspaper the Marker article titled «Case of 4000». According to the authors of the article, the report of the auditor General leaves no doubt that the Ministry of communications under the leadership of Netanyahu and Pilbara granted various privileges to the «Bezeq» that brings profit to the owner of the company and losses to its customers. «The fact that Netanyahu was not informed about his friendship with Lovecam, led to a situation in which control of the «Bezeq» for many months was carried out in a state hidden from all conflict of interests,» the article says. According to its authors, there is a real reason to fear that Netanyahu used his influence to get friendly coverage of its activities in the media.

Note that the newspaper «Israel a-Yom», which is considered the mouthpiece of the Prime Minister, refrained from making any comments and will only the actual description of the report and review of the office of Benjamin Netanyahu: «Another attempt to create from scratch a scandal involving the head of government. The Prime Minister has nothing to hide. His relationship with Melcena was known to all. With Lovecam he had a friendly relationship, nothing more. But when this issue was raised by the legal Advisor, the head of the government had followed the instructions and prescriptions. All decisions related to the field of communications, and taken only in accordance with the recommendations of experts and only in the interests of society.»

The Walla also not commented on the report of the auditor General.

In turn, the commentator Eli Barak on the website NRG, sharply criticized the report of the auditor General. «The publication of the report right now, when the investigation of the case of «Bezeq» at all on hearing, causes issues, but it would be forgivable. However, the attempt to link this case with Netanyahu, who is known at the moment, has nothing to do with him, disgraces rather the person who is trying to do – says Eli Barak. – Report based on a compilation of secondary and unimportant facts.»

The commentator of the newspaper «Maariv a-Shavua» Ben Kuspit writes that the report of the auditor General is an indictment against the legal adviser to the government of Aviha Mandelblit. «Those whose duty it is to enforce the law, closed his eyes, before the activities of a criminal gang, doing whatever she pleases in the Holy of holies of Israeli statehood, writes Kuspit. – The report is nothing new, everyone knew what was happening, and nobody did anything».

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Corruption or political persecution. Media about the report of the auditor General 13.07.2017

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