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Country, giving hope

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A week ago I met in the Israeli clinic Top Ichilov beautiful and stylish young woman with two children – a teenage boy and adorable curly toddler years two. The woman smiled and chatted with the nurses. And I don’t immediately recognize this happy young mother Victoria…

How it all began

I first saw Vika at the clinic Top Ichilov two years ago – scared, with a haggard face and dark circles under the eyes. Most recently, she was fine: beloved husband, son, long-awaited pregnancy the second baby… the Diagnosis of «cervical cancer» was made for Vicki and her family like a thunderbolt from a clear sky. The doctor from St. Petersburg told her: aggressive tumor – adenocarcinoma, stage of the disease is terminal. So the only option is to immediately terminate the pregnancy and try to save Victoria’s life. If possible.

Vick admits that he came to Israel, almost hoping for salvation. This was the last straw, which she held in expectation of a miracle. And the miracle happened.

Amazing doctor

Vic still remembers with delight his Savior – gynaecologist with 30 years experience was Given to Professor Grisar. At first she was very upset that he did not accept glass, which she brought with her from Russia to the audit: Professor doubted the result. A biopsy had to do it again. However, the results of the study were unexpected: the Professor Grisar put Vick a completely different diagnosis. Is adenocarcinoma, where the slightest delay could be fatal, he found the expectant mother squamous cell carcinoma. This meant that the pregnancy could be saved. And Professor Grisar really saved Victoria and her baby.

The Professor has fulfilled the Vic complex combined operation. He spent birth by caesarean section and then removed the diseased uterus from the lymph nodes. So the light was the same curly haired kid, who now, after more than two years, enthusiastically rushed down the hallway of the clinic.

A world where you will always help

Vika says: being in Israel, it is as if she were in another world. Everything from medical coordinators and interpreters to the doctors and nurses did everything possible to save the baby and support the mother. Accompanying literally hand drove her from office to office.

The whole team of the clinic knew the child’s condition and the outcome of pregnancy is largely dependent on the mood of the expectant mother. So Vick is being maintained and let her know everything will be fine. «Even to cry not allowed,» she recalls. And despair receded, giving way to hope.

Then, two years ago Vika came to Israel for the first time. Since then, in her confession, she became a real fan of this country. Most striking is her attitude to children is an extremely reverent and careful.

«You came for a checkup?» – I ask the Wiki. «No, she says, and her face again lighted up by a happy smile. Now we live here. And to the clinic just to visit looked». It turns out, after this story, Vic and her husband decided to move to Israel. Fortunately, they had the opportunity. And they are happy. In fact, according to Wiki, the feeling of the house appeared they have been here since day one.

Read more on the website of the clinic

Country, giving hope 12.05.2017

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