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Culture Minister Miri Regev booed at the opening of the Festival of Israel

Culture Minister Miri Regev previously threatened to revoke the funding for the Festival of Israel because of the two «naked productions», came to its opening.

According to the website «Haaretz», Miri Regev came on to the stage to welcome the participants of the festival and its guests, provoking the anger of those present. In her speech, she again touched «naked productions», condemning the decision of the organizers to include them in the program. The Minister explained that cultural workers should work for all segments of the population, and therefore it objected to performances which, she said, undermine the basic values of the state of Israel.

Ha’aretz writes that after these words many of those present got up from their seats and began to shout: «Shame!» and to require the Minister to leave the scene. It did not bother Miri Regev. The Minister said that she will leave only after will finished his speech. «I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of creativity. Woe to us if the government will ban objectionable works. But I stand for freedom of speech along with freedom funding,» she said.

Recall that on the eve of the opening of the 56th Festival of Israel in Jerusalem, the Minister of culture demanded to remove from the program «naked performance artists» and threatened to deprive the festival funding. «I’m not going to Fund a speech naked from the state budget», — she wrote in her Facebook.

The festival organizers ignored her warning.

Journalist Masha Khinich, commentator on cultural Affairs, explains that there are two foreign theatrical and choreographic performances, in which there are scenes with naked actors – about the ballet «Pindorama» Brazilian choreographer Leah Rodriguez and the performance-the performance «what do I do with this sword?» the Spanish actress and Director of Angeliki Liddell.

That these productions are in the program of the 56th Festival of Israel, was known in March, and the organizers published the photos, and movies. However, the Minister Regev for some strange reason decided to make changes to the program on the eve of the festival.

Jinich recalls that in 1998, the day before the opening of the Festival of Israel, the representatives of the religious parties demanded to cancel all of the opening festival performance of «bat Sheva», as, in their opinion, the costumes were too tight and Frank was reminded of underwear and insulted the feelings of believers. Then the scandal was hushed up, and the premiere of «Anaphase» was held. Minister of education and culture of Israel was Yitzhak Levi, head of the national religious party NRP.

Demanding to ban «naked performance», like Miri Regev, one of the founders of the ultra-Orthodox SHAS party, Nissim ze’ev, a former Knesset member, who last year demanded to cancel the execution room, «More than nudity» choreographer Doris Ulich during the festival in Jerusalem. Nissim Zeev compared public speaking in the Nude with prostitution. He spoke personally to the mayor of Jerusalem NIR Barkat, insisting on the ban of the show. In the end, due to the high interest of the public was organized two performances.

The Minister Miri Regev went the other way: she wrote a letter to the Director General of the Festival of Israel in Jerusalem Eyal Sher.

The Israel festival, held annually since 1961, receives funding from a variety of sources, including from the state. From the state budget partly funded by the festival itself, not a particular performance.

The festival will last until June 18.

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Culture Minister Miri Regev booed at the opening of the Festival of Israel 02.06.2017

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