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Curbing the wave of terror in Israel: to deprive of citizenship, benefits and work. The results of the poll

On the website completed a survey on the theme «curbing the wave of terror in Israel.» In the survey, which was conducted on December 6-8, participated 2.427 respondents (2.053 of them answered all 16 questions).


Two-thirds of respondents (67%) determine the wave of terrorist attacks in Israel, which began this fall as the next «intifada», although the country’s political leadership prefers not to use that term when describing the conflict that escalated in recent months. About 15% is «moderate revolt» (this definition often uses the guidance of the IDF). 12% believe attacks by «wild stock singles».

About half of respondents (just over 50%) say that in recent months has lost «the sense of personal security» (according to a national survey conducted on the eve of the Institute, Panels Politics, the national average of such citizens – 77%).

45% admit that their behavior outside their own home (against the wave of terrorist attacks in Israel) has changed (by a nationwide poll of such – 81%). 44% declare that their behavior no changes have occurred.

41% of survey participants said they are ready to go to a social event where a lot of people going, if it is interesting for them event. 18% said they will not go to this event for safety reasons. Nearly 39 percent chose the answer: «I don’t go to such events, but this is not a security issue».

13% say they are less likely to use public transport on the background of a wave of terrorist attacks in Israel. 46% said that what was happening did not affect how often they use public transport. More than 38% said they do not use public transport.

Only 5% of respondents have personal and/or organic firearms.

More than half (almost 51%) of respondents believe that should simplify the procedure of obtaining licenses for personal weapons (a year ago the figure was 56%). 26% believe that to simplify this procedure should not be. Others had difficulty with a clear answer to this question.

Almost 28% of respondents stated that the increase in terrorists
began to carry personal self-defense (the gas cans, brass knuckles and other melee weapons, etc.), although I did not like. 6% said they always used to carry personal self-defense. 61% do not resort to such precautions.

Readers were asked the question «What needs to be done to curb the wave of terror?» Often we have heard the following answers: 1) deny terrorists the citizenship of Israel (if they have any) to 86.6%, 2) to deny terrorists state family benefits – 85%, 3) deny terrorists the status of permanent resident of Israel (if they have any) and 84.7%, 4) deny terrorists the benefits of state – of 83.9%, 5) kill the terrorist at the crime scene – 82,5%, 6) denial of social benefits violence-mongers and supporters of terror – 82%, 7) lifelong deprivation of the right to work in Israel accomplices of terrorists from PA – 78,9%, 8) deprive family members of terrorists from the citizenship of Israel (if they have) – 77,6%, 9) to close media outlets and printing houses producing extremist materials – 77,6%, 10) deprive family members of terrorists or permanent resident of Israel (if they have any) is 76.1%.

32% of the respondents agree with the opinion that it is necessary to destroy not only the houses of Arab terrorist murderers, but also the homes of Jews who had committed murder motivated by ethnic hatred. Almost 43% disagree. (Compared with last year, the attitude of our audience to this method in the war on terror has changed little.)

The survey participants were asked: «how many of the leaders best suited to solving problems in the sphere of security and is able to curb the current wave of terror?» The most votes went to: 1) Avigdor Lieberman (leader of the NDI, the opposition) – 52,2%, 2) Benjamin Netanyahu (the leader of the «Likud» the Prime Minister) was 11.7%, 3) Naftali Bennett (leader of the «Bayt Yehudi», the Minister of education) at 5.7%, 4) benny Gantz (a former chief of the General staff) was 2.2%, 5) Gabi Ashkenazi (former chief of the General staff) was 2.0%. While 21% of respondents believe that none of these leaders (there was also the names of defense Minister Moshe ya’alon, internal security Minister Gilad of Ardana, the current head of the General staff Gadi Eizenkot, former Minister Gideon Saar, leader of the «Zionist camp» and the opposition Isaac Herzog, the leader of the «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid, the leader of MERETZ mean? Goldie’s got galon, leader of the «Kulan» Kahlon Moshe, the leader of SHAS Aryeh Deri and leader of «Aadat a-Torah» Jacob Litzman) failing to curb terror.

Note the fact that numerous national polls conducted in recent months, Lieberman often called leader who is able to curb the terror. According to a Panels Politics poll conducted in early December, Lieberman received 23% of the vote when answering a similar question, Netanyahu – 15%, Bennett – 9%.

8% believe that in the next one or two months a wave of terror will decline, 22% believe that the wave of terror will not subside from a few months to half a year, 16% predict that terror will decline, not earlier than six months or a year, 9% – not earlier than after a year. 45% found it difficult to give any forecast.

12% believe «certainly probable» the sharp deterioration of the current intifada, the majority of respondents (62,5%) consider such a development likely, if not taken decisive action against terror. 15% chose the answer: «Such a development is possible, but it is unlikely.» 3% consider such a development improbable. 5% said they did not believe the events of current intifada.

Only 10% of respondents agree with the opinion that to defeat terror, you must conclude a peace agreement in accordance with the principle of «two States for two peoples». 50% with this opinion categorically do not agree. 30.5 percent chose the variant of answer: «Yes, but only if the Jewish state will not be Arabs.»

Readers were asked the question «If you had to make a choice – the strict observance of the principles of democracy in the country or strict measures to ensure security in the state what would you choose?» The vast majority (81%) chose the option «Strict measures to ensure security» (a year ago the figure was 84%). And only 10% – «Strict adherence to the principles of democracy.»

Almost 61% of survey participants believe in the ability to overcome terror (by nationwide survey, 69%). 24% do not believe.

Curbing the wave of terror in Israel: to deprive of citizenship, benefits and work. The results of the poll 08.12.2015

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