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Customs officers of Kuwait caught the feathered courier: dove «transported» 178 pills

Law enforcement officers of Kuwait intercepted a shipment of drugs, which the smugglers tried to smuggle through pigeon post. To back caught by customs officials, the birds were attached linen bag with prohibited substances.

About it reports on Tuesday, 23 may, online publication Arab Times.

Customs border point Abdali noticed the pigeon crossed the border with Iraq. The bird moved with great difficulty and short flights that alerted the guards. They managed to catch the «winged intruder» on the roof of the building next to the customs Department.

On published photos show that the back of the feathered «drug trafficker» was attached pouch grey fabric in the color of the tail, where there were 178 tablets of drug action. Investigators were searching for the owner of the pigeon that they intend to prosecute.

Since ancient times pigeons were used to send important information over long distances, including for military purposes. These birds can overcome a hundred miles, delivering the cargo to the recipient, recalls the site

First, the pigeons performed the role of postmen, able to carry messages one way, and then the birds were trained to run between the parties to the correspondence, and today they are able to pass on a few messages a day, the website of the TV channel «al Arabiya».

Customs officers of Kuwait caught the feathered courier: dove «transported» 178 pills 23.05.2017

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