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Cyber warfare of the IDF: the attack and defense of cities pokémon

Last week, a group of students and cyber-coaches unusual exercises, which simulated an attack on «the world of pokémon.» The exercises were held in the framework of the C5I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence).

The attacker was made by team Rocket, consisting of experienced security professionals. Their attacks reflect the six teams collected from cadets from various units of the IDF, said the army press-service.

Each team of cadets to defend his «town» inhabited by a certain type of pokemon. The coaches had been tasked to penetrate the defense and catch all the pokémon. In turn, the cadets not only repulsed the attacks, but was also looking for in their cities, hidden flags, labels. The rules of the game, the first team to fall against attacks, do not lose all the pokemon and found all the flags, was the winner.

One of the commanders of the course the Lieutenant Roy explained that the exercise simulated a large-scale attack hackers. The cadets had to solve problems arising from real massive cyber attacks.

For the first time during such exercises, the attacker used not only desktop computers but also mobile devices. In critical situations the cadets were sent to «tips», provoking them to make the transition on the link, as a rule, such a transition meant downloading malware, causing damage to «the city» defenders.

During exercises students expect a variety of surprises, circumstances changed, which required the cadets to adapt to new realities and adjustment protection circuitry.

Cyber warfare of the IDF: the attack and defense of cities pokémon 20.03.2017

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