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Daily Beast: Hizbullah refused to fight in Syria

According to the online publication Daily Beast, more and more fighters of the Lebanese Hezbollah group, ready to wage armed struggle against Israel, refusing to go to Syria with arms to defend the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

As noted, the cause of demoralization were high losses incurred Shiite group in battles with the jihadists. They feel pressure from their relatives, fearing to be left without breadwinners.

Most fighters are not professional soldiers. Many of them are peasants, who from time to time took up arms. A substantial part of farmers grew the most in the Bekaa valley crop is hemp, from which then produced marijuana.

Hizbullah has mobilized militia paid travel allowance designed to compensate for the losses. In the case of the death or injury of a family received benefits for loss of breadwinner. However, due to high losses, the group found itself unable to pay benefits.

Support for the Syrian regime has also complicated the situation of Hizbullah in intra-Lebanese arena, where she began the «Arab spring» has remained one of the leading political forces. A symptom of this was the performance against gangs of Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt.

Daily Beast: Hizbullah refused to fight in Syria 30.12.2015

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