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Dairy products fell by 3.2%, eggs — by 4.6%

Thursday, February 11, entered into force the new prices for dairy products, the pricing of which is controlled by the state. They on average fell by 3.02 per cent.

So, milk to litre cartons is now worth 5,75 5,90 shekel is a shekel. 250-gram jar of cottage cheese 5% fat is 4,60 4,80 shekel is a shekel.

Were also reduced by 4.6% the price of chicken eggs. From today, the recommended price packaging large eggs cost instead of 11.45 NIS 12 NIS.

The new prices came into effect after Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and agriculture Minister URI Ariel approved the recommendation of the inter-Ministerial Committee on price control.

Lower prices for government-controlled products due to a significant reduction of milk production and lower prices for corn feed.

Dairy products fell by 3.2%, eggs — by 4.6% 11.02.2016

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