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Damascus celebrates Day of air force and air defense of Syria, claiming the Israeli aircraft downed

Oct 16, in Syria, the Day of the air force and air defense. On the official website of Syria’s defence Ministry published materials on this holiday.

In these materials tells the history of the Syrian air force and air defense, describes their functions and role in the 1973 war against Israel, the following are illustrations and descriptions of the major aircraft, helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian army.

Israeli website Ynet published a collage distributed by the Syrians in social networks, which shows how the Syrian air defence system shoots down an Israeli plane. This collage is equipped with inscriptions in Arabic and Hebrew «Weaker than a cobweb» (a reference to the famous statement of the leader of «Hezbollah» Hassan Nasrallah about the weakness of the Israeli army; however, in the Hebrew text, the author of the collage made a mistake).

Previously, the command of the army of Syria has published a comment in connection with the application of an Israeli military strike on the facility outside Damascus.

According to the version of the Syrian command, which leads the Agency SANA, Israeli warplanes on Monday morning, October 16, at 8:51 penetrated Syrian airspace from Lebanon, one of the planes of the Syrian air defense system the missile was fired, «after a direct hit, the aircraft was forced to fly». In response, in 11:38 «the enemy fired several shots from the occupied territories,» «military posts in the suburbs of Damascus, causing material damage.» Syrian army warns «about the serious consequences of the aggressive actions of Israel and emphasizes its determination to continue the fight against terrorists,» said in an official statement.

The statement of command of the army of Syria does not say anything about what the air strike in 50 km to the East of Damascus was destroyed by a battery of s-200, as reported by the Israeli military.

Damascus celebrates Day of air force and air defense of Syria, claiming the Israeli aircraft downed 17.10.2017

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