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Darwin’s theory excluded from the rate of Turkish schools

The head of the Council for curriculum, Ministry of education of Turkey Alparslan durmush said that the Chapter on Darwin’s theory, will be excluded from the biology textbook for the ninth grade.

«We are aware that many students have no scientific Foundation necessary for understanding this hypothesis. To controversial issues did not put them in stalled, some of the hypotheses it was decided to leave out of the course,» said he.

Darwin’s theory will not be considered in a critical manner. The section «Evolution and the origin of life» is simply removed from the books. Durmush says that young people learn about it at University, when will be more prepared for this «meeting.»

Critics of the decision note that at the moment only in Saudi Arabia, Darwin’s theory is considered for pupils taboo subject. In such a theocratic state like Iran dedicated to her 60 academic hours.

Darwin’s theory, according to which the reason of the origin of species – evolution and natural selection, has been criticised by proponents of creationism. For the divine origin of life are Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Darwin’s theory excluded from the rate of Turkish schools 25.06.2017

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