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David Cameron: Turkey will join the EU not earlier than the third Millennium

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron has denied the statement of one of the higher ranks of the British Ministry of defence penny Mordaunt, who claimed that the UK will not be able to prevent the entry of Turkey into the EU, reports The Guardian.

«She is deeply mistaken. Britain, like any other member state of the European Union, could veto the accession of any other country. It’s a fact,» said Cameron.

According to the British Prime Minister, saying Mordaunt is due to the fact that the supporters of a British exit from the European Union, including Mordaunt, on the eve of the referendum trying to convince the voters that the EU policy towards migrants disastrous for Britain. In particular, according to the supporters of leaving the EU, immigration crisis will lead to the inclusion in the European Union such undesirable partners, such as Turkey.

«Nothing indicates that Turkey may join the EU in the near future. They applied in 1987. The pace, they will be able to enter the EU until the third Millennium,» said Cameron.

We will remind that on 23 June the UK will host a nationwide referendum on possible withdrawal from the European Union. In the case that the British vote for withdrawal from the EU, the Prime Minister will have to write a corresponding letter to the head of the European Council, notifying him of the intention of the country to leave the Union, and he will establish a two-year deadline for negotiations on an agreement.

David Cameron: Turkey will join the EU not earlier than the third Millennium 22.05.2016

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