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David Grossman was awarded the Israel Prize for literature

Writer David Grossman received the Israel Prize in the field of literature and poetry and was named its Commission as «one of the most profound, touching and powerful voices of Israeli literature.»

In 2015, Grossman, along with several Israeli writers withdrew his candidacy to receive the Israel Prize, when the office of the Prime Minister interfered in the work of the Commission, excluding professors Avner Holtzman and Ariel Hirschfeld.

Recall that in the past year, Grossman’s novel «came the horse in a bar» was awarded the man Booker international literary prize (The Man Booker International Prize) for best novel translated into English. He became the first Israeli to receive this award.

Short biography

Writer David Grossman was born in Jerusalem on 25 January 1954. He served in the IDF, including during the Yom Kippur war (October 1973). He graduated from Hebrew University, where he studied philosophy and theater.

Worked as a leading radio station «Kohl Israel». In 1988 he left radio to protest against any restrictions on the freedom of journalists.

Is a consistent supporter of left-wing ideology.

The first book was published in 1979. For my first novel, «Smile kid» received the Literary prize of the Prime Minister of Israel. Based on the novel was also filmed. In 1986 he published the novel, «See. the article «Love»» about the lives of Jews who survived the Holocaust. In 1987 he published a series of articles documentary «Yellow time», condemning the occupation. A detective-adventure novel Grossman «s someone to run With» (2000) became a bestseller, it was also filmed.

In 2006, Grossman’s son URI, who served in the Israeli army, was killed in the fighting during the Second Lebanon war. In 2007 Grossman at the ceremony awarding him the literary prize, the EMET refused to shake hands with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, because they believed him guilty in the death of his son.

In 2010, signed the appeal of the group of Israeli artists to boycott the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria.

In January 2016, criticized the government of Israel for the «freezing of the peace process» and expressed satisfaction that the EU has started to mark the «stigma» food grown for the «green line.»

In June of 2017 became the first Israeli writer to be awarded the international man Booker prize.

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David Grossman was awarded the Israel Prize for literature

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