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«David vs Goliath»: the former player has filed a lawsuit against the gaming industry

Australian Shanika guy, a former lover of gambling, filed a lawsuit in Federal court. She blames the casinos and manufacturers of slot machines in that they supposedly introduce players astray, exaggerating their chances of winning. The plaintiff alleges that these machines, which in Australia is called «pokey», violate the law on consumer rights.

Hearings on this case began in court today in Melbourne, the defendants strongly deny these allegations, wrote on Tuesday, September 12 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

The results of research conducted by the British consulting company H2 Gambling Capital suggests that Australians today are the most «gambling» nation of the planet and the record for the number of the lost money: their losses amount to $ 1.130 per capita per year.

The guy claims that the slot machines stole all her 14 years of life. She underlines that he filed in the court to recoup their losses, and to protect citizens from the trap in which it landed. Lawyers believe her chances of winning the lawsuit is very high.

The representative of the company Alliance for Gambling Reform Tim Costello maintains its position and calls the lawsuit «a fight between David and Goliath».

But the head of the Association of computer games Ross Farrar has a different opinion: he claims that slot machines meet the national standards, and the operation of the casino is governed by the laws of the country.

«David vs Goliath»: the former player has filed a lawsuit against the gaming industry 12.09.2017

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