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Dead Director George Romero, the Creator of the cult horror films

On Sunday, July 16, in Toronto from lung cancer at the age of 77 years died an American film Director George Romero, known as the Creator of the cult horror films.

George Romero was born February 4, 1940 in new York city, studied at the University of Pittsburgh. The film Romero began in childhood, since the age of 14, using an 8-millimeter camera. Upon completion of training at the University of Romero was shooting short films and commercials. Soon, in the 60’s, Romero together with friends he created the company Image Ten Productions, which has accumulated thanks to his first cash capital in the amount of 100 thousand dollars. Taking advantage of these money-Romero made his first feature film «night of the living dead» (1968), which made a revolution in the genre of horror movies and became a direction of the zombie movie, says Wikipedia.

Received from the first movies Romero made drama «As flies to honey» (1971). In 1973 he released two of his horror movie «the Mad» and «Hungry wives» (the film was re-released in 1982 in the new edition with the new title «season of the witch»).

In 1977 came the film «Martin», which tells a story about a maniac who considers himself a vampire. In 1978 he released a new film telling about the zombies – «dawn of the dead». The film was a huge success: with spent it shooting 1.5 million dollars, the film grossed about $ 40 million.

In 1981 came the film «Knights on wheels», in 1982 – «Kaleidoscope of horrors», which consisted of three parts based on the works of Stephen king.

In 1984-1986 Romero doing the TV series «tales from the dark side.» In 1985 he published another zombie movie – day of the dead.

In 1988 comes the film «Monkey shines». In 1990, Romero along with Dario Argento make a movie «Two evil eyes.»

In 1993, Romero began filming the works of Stephen king, forms the basis of the movie «the Dark half», and prior to 2000 did not take off. In 2000 released film «Goon».

In 2005 published «the land of the dead», then, within four years, «diary of the dead» and «survival of the dead» (it was the last film directed by George Romero, although he continued to act as a screenwriter and actor before 2011).

Dead Director George Romero, the Creator of the cult horror films 17.07.2017

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