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Dead fencer Dan Alon, one of the survivors of the terrorist attack at the Olympics in Munich

Wednesday, January 31, at the age of 72 years died Dan Alon, one of the surviving members of the Israeli team at the Olympics in Munich. In recent years, Dan Alon has struggled with cancer. He died surrounded by his wife and children in his apartment in tel Aviv.

Dan Alon began fencing at the age of 12 years. Three years later he won the «gold» in the Championship of Israel among young men, and 27 years later, in 1972, was included in the Olympic team of Israel.

For many years, Dan Alon refused to talk about the events of 1972. And only about ten years ago he first told about his experiences. Alon told that on September 5, woke up at five o’clock in the morning from the noise and explosions, which he at first mistook for fireworks in honor of the other team. However, 20 minutes later I heard gunfire. He looked outside and saw two terrorists standing near the body of the coach, Moshe Weinberg, and a third terrorist on the phone negotiating with the German police. Alon spoke German and heard that the terrorists demand to release from prisons in Israel, more than 200 Palestinians, threatening in case of refusal, to kill the hostages. Alon helped four companions to hide, and then they managed to escape through the balcony from the captured terrorists of the building.

After returning from Munich, killing 11 of his teammates, he threw the fencing. 20 years later, when he coached the teenagers, he was persuaded to speak at the event. At the age of 46 years he won the championship of Israel, and again retired from the sport.

Dead fencer Dan Alon, one of the survivors of the terrorist attack at the Olympics in Munich 01.02.2018

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