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Declassified information about the activities of police agent Anton Roman

Monday, September 11, was allowed to publish information about the activities of a secret police agent Roman Anton, who was found murdered on 15 June 2017.

The press service of law enforcement agencies reported that due to the activities of the agent managed to prevent an explosion in an apartment building in Ashdod, a series of assassinations that were planned to be implemented in crowded places.

The report said that last month the police arrested 12 members of criminal clans operating in the district of Spela. Their detention, says the police, became possible thanks to successful work of the staff of the division of intelligence and information gathering, which was at the end of 2016 to recruit the Novel of Anton, a member of the criminal clan.

Thanks to the agent in February 2017 were thwarted assassination attempt of the leader of one of criminal groupings. According to the plan, «killers» was to install a powerful explosive device, powered remotely, in the lobby of high-rise building in Ashdod. An explosive device containing several kilograms of explosives and submunitions were hidden in a flower pot.

In the house, which was supposed to be an explosion, is home to dozens of families, and next to it is a school. If criminals were able to implement its plan in a «criminal terrorist attack» suffered dozens of adults and children. Artists, including Anton Roman, was detained at the time when they took a bomb in the port of Ashdod.

After February 24, was killed by Arthur Arcalian, members of the group Lavi began the development of a plan of revenge for his death.

Responsible for the execution of this plan was assigned the novel Anton. Anton was asked for the elimination of the leader of the group operating in the South of Israel, 150 thousand shekels and another 50 thousand shekels for each «bodyguard». The group has provided Novel and included in his group of «militants» form similar to the form of riot police, and a car. Shortly before the assassination, police arrested the killers.

In five months the novel, Anton completed about 40 quests the police have collected sufficient evidence against the members of the crime family and helped to prevent a series of «criminal terrorist attacks».

15 Jun 43-year-old Roman Anton was discovered unconscious on the side of highway 411, close to the industrial area of Rehovot. Arrived on the scene, the paramedics MADA was forced to admit his death. The examination found that the man was released a few dozen bullets. Some wounds were fatal. June 16, Israeli police announced the arrest of five people on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Anton.

The press service of the police reports that on Tuesday, September 12, will be filed an indictment against the murderers of the agent of the Novel Anton. Thursday, September 14, the indictment will be brought against the other detainees in this case.

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Declassified information about the activities of police agent Anton Roman 11.09.2017

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