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Defense Ministry: Syrian Deir al-Zour on the side of ISIS are fighting immigrants from the former Soviet Union

The Russian defense Ministry on Wednesday, September 6, reported that in the area of the Syrian city of Deir AZ-Zour, where the regular Syrian army is waging an offensive against the «Islamic state» with the support of the Russian military, was found evidence that at least one of the largest fortified areas held by the is militants – from the former Soviet Union.

«During the operation to liberate the city of Deir AZ-Zour, the Syrian assault troops had seized a large fortified area of the militants, which on the eve of aircraft of Russian air force and cruise missiles «Caliber» of the frigate «Admiral Essen» has been applied to surgical strikes. After the liberation of the area have found evidence of a previously obtained through various channels of intelligence information that was kept fortified by terrorists – natives of Russia and CIS countries», – stated in the message of the defense Ministry, quoted by RIA Novosti news Agency.

«The reference points were equipped to handle perimeter defense system-fire, including firing positions with tanks, artillery and mortars associated network of underground tunnels and trenches. As a result of the operation to destroy large gangs of ISIS holding fortified, was destroyed 12 armored vehicles, including 4 tanks, 6 firing positions of artillery and mortars, the control and communications center, three warehouses with ammunition and material possessions, more than 200 militants,» reports the Russian TV channel «Zvezda».

The Russian defense Ministry said that the terrorists were preparing for a long siege, as evidenced by a underground residential facilities for longer stays, warehouses with arms and ammunition, considerable stocks of food and medicines.

On the territory of the fortified area was acting workshop for the production of «Diadora», repair of heavy armored vehicles and equipping cars terrain heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft guns.

Retreating, the terrorists threw four pick-up, equipped with weapons, a large number of small arms and ammunition, more than 100 improvised explosive devices, «suicide belts», mines and roadside bombs with submunitions. All approaches to the Outpost and all buildings on site were mined.

On 5 September it was reported that units of the Syrian army broke the siege dir al-Zura militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state». The territory, which is besieged by jihadists, defended the soldiers of the 137th infantry regiment. According to a statement by the army command, the main blow was struck from the West. At his direction were concentrated large forces of aviation. The result was to break the 700-meter corridor and connect with surrounded by troops. Agency SANA reported about the destruction of a large warehouse of weapons of the ISIS in the village of al-Bugalia in the West of the province of dir al-Zur. Also was dealt a blow on the convoy of the militants, located South-West of the city.

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Defense Ministry: Syrian Deir al-Zour on the side of ISIS are fighting immigrants from the former Soviet Union 06.09.2017

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